We will be the Feature Exhibition at the Olympia Art and Antiques Fair in London. Come and see us on the balcony (Stand 118 and 4). If you need complimentary ticket send us a line.

We are very proud that our gallery has won the Contemporary Art Gallery 2015 Award by Aspire magazine.

We have a new exhibition catalogue accompanying the Cutting-Edge tour. You can order the printed version (20 x 20 cms) for £6+shipping.



2014 is another important year in the history of Hungarian glass art. A massive exhibition, featuring over 40 glass artists will take place in Budapest, Hungary from 12th December. The exhibition is open for a month. If you happened to be around on the 12th December, please come to the opening night where I will give the opening speech (in Hungarian). It won't be long.....

The catalogue can be seen here.

If you are interested in any works please contact me.


The style of the new generation of glass artists is certainly getting very popular. Dora Varga has recently received a Honourable Mention Award at the 4th International Triennial of Silicate Arts in Kecskemet, Hungary. That is a great success considering that only 5 works were awarded out of the over 260 submitted works. All her work she exhibited in February 2014 were sold before the exhibition was closed indicating a great demand for her work. She will have her first solo exhibition in Budapest in September. If you are in Hungary it is well worth visiting the Fise Gallery (Kalman Imre street 16, Budapest, 1054) to see her works. The exhibition is open between September 9-26th, 2014

We will  soon have some of her exhibited work available to purchase, but you need to act quickly, they sell very fast.

Here is a photo of her Awarded work (already sold). 

The International success of the Hungarian glass artists continues in 2014. Most recently Gyorgy Gaspar received the Special Award of the Hungarian Academy of Arts at the 4th International Triennial of Silicate Arts in Kecskemet Hungary, where over 260 works were submitted. The awarded work, titled Fission Zone, shows the characteristic Gaspar design: lamellae of glass, great colour, shape and immaculate finish. The piece already has a happy owner, sadly not me…. Congratulations Gyorgy!


Peter Botos was invited to give a talk at the SOFA Fair in Chicago in November, where several of his pieces will be for sale. One of Peter’s great work was even chosen to decorate the SOFA leaflet! Zsuzsa Korodi’s work will also be for sale at one of the most important art and design fair, SOFA. Congratulations to both!

We are going to have a large stall at the next National Glass Fair in Birmingham on May 11th, 2014. The fair is open from 10:30AM until 4PM at the National Motorcycle Museum. We will have mainly mid century Czech and other continental glasses, but we will bring some fantastic new contemporary Hungarian studio glasses with us, mainly by Agnes Smetana, Peter Botos, Gyorgy Gaspar, Margit Toth and Mihaly Melcher. If you wish to see other pieces by other artists let us know.


Gasoar Black Hole


Gasoar Plain Side

We had a great fair at the Antiques for Everyone. This fair was the first that allowed contemporary works (glass, ceramics, etc) thus we were surprised about the huge interest in modern Hungarian studio glass. We met several our friends and experts from the popular Antiques Roadshow (Mark Hill, Judith Miller, Eric Knowles) who all loved the modern glass we exhibited. We will have another exhibition at the National Glass Fair on May 11th in the National Motorcycle Museum.

Antiques for Everyone exhibition


We are going to exhibit many contemporary Hungarian studio glass at the Antiques for Everyone fair in Birmingham between April 10-13th. It is a large antiques show where my friend Mark Hill will be curating the display of glass by Skrdlovice (Czechslovakia) from the mid 20th century. If you wish to come and receive a complimentary ticket for 2 person just send us an email with your email or postal address.


This blog will mostly contain news about Hungarian glass, mainly modern but I will also cover information about antique glasses and sometime other continental glass.


 Firstly I wish to draw the reader’s attention to Hajnalka Virag and Dora Varga exhibition in Budapest. As awardees of Kozma Fellowship they both exhibit their newest creations, together with other Kozma and Moholy Fellowship awardees, in the Museum of Applied Arts from February 20th until April 6th. You can enjoy the photographs of the exhibited pieces on Virag's  and Varga's website.