Prisma Gallery was established in the UK set up in 2013 by two Hungarian glass enthusiasts and art dealers Attila Sik and Zsuzsanna Molnar. Our goal is to offer modern Hungarian glass work to the wider audience and also to introduce the lesser known but equally talented younger generation of glass artists to glass collectors and interior designers. Several Hungarian glass artists are already world-famous, won number of international prizes and several masterpieces are in museums all over the world including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and Corning Museum of Glass in the USA.



We organize glass tours to Austria and Hungary and exhibit contemporary Hungarian glass pieces at various fairs. Our main emphasis however is on customer focused private glass recommendations and sales. We have extensive knowledge about the history of Hungarian glass making and we are in the fortunate position to know numerous contemporary glass masters. Because we often visit their studio, we are in the ideal position to obtain the best pieces from their workshop directly, intermediate commission requests and offer bespoke customer service to our clients.



We not only provide educated recommendations but also committed to offer after sale service to our clients. Previously purchased works can be traded in, or if purchased works get damaged after the sale we try our best to have it repaired by the artist. 


We always respond to emails within 48 hours, if you need faster response feel free to phone or text us. If you don’t receive reply to your email within 48 hours please text us, email is not 100% reliable.


We can accommodate various payment forms, Paypal, Bank transfer, or personal check. We have been dealing with antiques in the past 15 years.